We are changing the world with technological innovations.

Industry expert.

The IIG group, led by the NSV company, is an industry expert in development and manufacture of highly secure IDs, security printing and identity management.

Together we are helping govenments and businesses tackle the challenges:

  • Building modern and secure data management systems and registers.
  • Establish modern identity documents to fight document fraud and protect identity in line with international standards and customer’s requirements.
  • Protect valuable assets and brands with tailored solutions.
  • Balance the cost and quality ratio with security in mind.
  • Establish a modern digital foundation to a country’s development.

Three pillar solutions.

Key solutions will help governments to improve efficiency, security and revenue:

Creation of sovereign security printing industry

We offer states the creation of the advanced sovereign security printing facilities to be able to provide states with the following benefits:

  • National security: technology independence from foreign suppliers while producing IDs and passports, own data management infrastructure, locally deployed and owned security technologies and production facilities.
  • Sustainable Economic and Social Development: economic development and enhanced competitiveness, expansion and diversity of IT and security printing business in the country.
  • Human development: advanced educational platform for local workforce certification and training, having the best talent in the industry.

Tax Stamps and Track & Trace System

The World Bank, the WHO, the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive and the IMF see the introduction of anti-counterfeiting measures, such as forgery-proof tax stamps and track & trace systems, as a must in combatting tobacco smuggling and counterfeiting. Benefits to governments:

  • Profitable financial model – virtually no initial investment is required for delivery of Track&Trace system.
  • Comprehensive approach – based on regulatory framework for issuance, circulation and verification of smart control stamps.
  • Ease of use – excisable goods could be easily verified, tracked and traced.

Biometric Passport and National Register

IIG covers the entire value chain for passports and national registers, from a secure design through personalization right through to central state databases about citizens and residents. Benefits to governments:

  • Security – identification of citizensin international travel, increased national security.
  • Single point of truth – a central database with the citizens’ data.
  • Economy via automation – data collecting, processing and storage in electronic form.