About VTI

VTI is a trusted provider, supplier and expert of scalable identification solutions, biometric systems and professional services for governments and citizens.

VTI was founded in the year 1972 and has rapidly evolved into one of the leading providers of cutting-edge large-scale data management and identity management solutions.

VTI solutions are ranging from information infrastructures of mid-sized enterprises and commercial businesses to large-scale nationwide identification projects.

Expertise and experience:

  • development of secure, tailor-made governmental projects to support national rollouts of secure electronic identity documents
  • creation and maintenance of large database systems to solve a wide range of vital tasks including real-time identification, civil registration,  providing social benefits etc
  • secure and centralized nation-wide integrated population registration systems IPRS with the ability to integrate and manage the multiple databases held by different institutions and tailored for different real-time services and accountability
  • design of large-scale automated information systems for both distributed and centralized operational environments
  • development and deployment of enrolment and identity verification infrastructures
  • development and deployment of highly advanced biometric information system that allows to enroll and identify millions of citizens quickly and unmistakably
  • solutions for mobile verification and digital signature solutions
  • company’s Department of Information security is fully certified to deliver expertise and consultancy to organizations on cryptography for network and information security.