About YS Design

is a digital design agency at the intersection of user’s experience, creativity and technology innovation.

A design and development shop with a 10 year history of creating landmark works with focus on ID document programs and related public campaigns.

With the background in ID document knowledge, YS Design helps promote forming a visual identity of technology products, support the reputation growth and publicity of the program on the market as well as give rise to partners’ confidence.

Agency’s integrated approach to all creative services provides customers with end-to-end design solutions.

Expertise and experience:

  • Design of ID documents and security features
  • Design and production of multimedia projects
  • Computer graphics and effects
  • 3D models and 3D multimedia graphics
  • Web design projects
  • Corporate style development
  • Branding campaigns
  • Industrial design of production facilities
  • Promotional projects
  • Printed collateral and marketing materials