Electronic Certificate (Animal Identification)

NSV is an expert in design, development and deployment of systems to identify and track-and-trace objects, based on electronic identifiers, RFID and NFC technology, 2-dimensional codes to read with a smart phone, nation-wide databases and processing software development/integration.

Importance of the animal traceability.

Animal traceability is the ability to follow an animal or group of animals during all stages of its life or back to the point of origin - farm, market, ranch, field or supplier.

Animal identification and traceability system is using a combination of individual animal identification with movement record, linking to identification of holdings/farms/owners, movements, other records in a dedicated software / database. True animal identification is leading to a product traceability and food safety - the ability to follow the food production, processing and distribution.

Benefit of Implementation:

  • food safety expanded price range - to consumers
  • automation, accountability and management tool - to farms
  • centralized statistics and planning tool, harmonization, food security - to governments.