Armed Forces Identity Card

Electronic Armed Forces Identity Card ( Military eID) is a chip-based tamper-evident certificate with the strongest defense against military ID alteration.

Military eID helps to access military rights and benefits to military servicemen, military reserve, employees of logistics service, engineering service, military press service, veterans, former combatants and military retirees.

Military eID facilitates the range of applications, for instance:

  • person identification
  • physical and logical access control
  • medical
  • firearms control
  • fuel control
  • ePurse
  • civil status

Biometric authentication, storage and verification of person’s biometric data comply with the international standard ISO/IEC 19794 with “Match on Card” option. Card may provide a digital signature and PKI based services.

Fast automated checking

In emergency and combat situations, it is especially important to access life-saving data: blood group; vaccinations; allergy, medical background.  Electronically available personal data can be quickly read with a handheld reader (smartphone).