Electronic ID-Card

NSV is fully committed to working with governments to deliver the best industrial cooperation and technology transfer over the life of a national programme.

NSV is ready to develop, manufacture and undertake the final assembly of sophisticated ID documents to meet or exceed the needs of governments.

Since an ID card is only a part of a much larger package, we offer a variety of turnkey solutions for secure ID documents, as well as consulting, project management, operational oversight, maintenance.

Our offer to governments includes:

Holistic approach: we work with each customer through the developing and planning the issuance of national ID - card material, security features, operating systems, applications, cryptography, data acquisition, secure storage and transmission, personalization of the documents.

Scope of services: our services range from consulting assistance on the development of legislative acts, supply of manufacture and personalization solutions for ID document production, development and manufacture of security features, development of software and database structures, printing of blank ID documents, right through to the document personalization.

Time-Quality-Cost ratio: our products outstrip all major world counterparts in terms of quality-price ratio. The net cost of our executed projects is drastically lower than that of major world counterpart due to a tough timetable. The balance will be defined according to the particular requirements and priorities of your project.

ID Card markets:


  • National ID card 
  • Driver’s license
  • Residence permit
  • Refugee card
  • Immigrant card
  • Mariner card
  • Voting card

Law Enforcement and Military

  • Military ID
  • Police ID
  • Electronic Firearms License


  • Healthcare card
  • Insurance card
  • Pension card
  • Social Benefits card


  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Vehicle inspection card
  • Transit Pass
  • Tachograph cards


  • Student ID
  • Campus ID