Electronic Vehicle Identification

Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI) - is a system that uniquely identifies a vehicle electronically. It would typically comprise a secure in-vehicle data storage element, suitable and secure interfaces and a vehicle-to-infrastructure data communication element.

EVI applications:

  • crime prevention (prevention vehicle theft)
  • vehicle tolling
  • access control (e.g. overview of cross border traffic)
  • replaces CCTV cameras, works in bad weather conditions and contamination

EVI Solution:

  • RFID tag – RFID integrated license plate or RFID windshield label
  • data stored on RFID tag (UHF technology) can be retrieved anytime via fixed and mobile reading devices by radio communication – also in moving traffic
  • the RFID tag can be combined with any safety features such as holograms or laser engravings and is used as thief-proof and ID feature.