MEGAFLEX: counterfeit-proof RFID-capable hologram tag to help protect assets through the supply chain

Megaflex is a branded ‘unclonable’ hologram with RFID tags that manufacturers shall affix onto packs of items, and agencies (customers) can scann with HF RFID readers and NFC smart phones.

Megaflex is based on two major technologies:

  • Radio-frequency identification for Traceability of items
  • Demetallized Hologram for Authenticity of items.

Hologram provides:

  • visual verification of authenticity
  • custom design for brand protection
  • self-destruction capability to avoid chip manipulations
  • radio transparency for RFID communication

Chip provides:

  • NFC ability to communicate smart phones
  • RFID-enabled traceability
  • Unique ID number linked to product details in a back-end system